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cpphs adopted, haskell-src-exts NMUed


I just adopted cpphs for the DHG. Previous maintainer was Ian, who has
given all his haskell packages up for adoption. The new package also
contains a cabal library called cpphs, thus the upload ends up in NEW.
The code can be found at http://darcs.debian.org/pkg-haskell/cpphs/ of

I also uploaded a NMU of haskell-src-exts. It made quite some version
bump. It no longer contains HaRP any more. Since I now build -doc and
-prof packages, this also ends up in NEW. The maintainer is Florian
Ragwitz and I assume that we will agree if the DHG would take over the
@Florian: You haven’t been active about these packages for a while. Do
you want us to adopt them?

Once these and uniplate are through NEW, we can package hlint. 


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