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haskell givebacks (manual, I promise :-))


unrelated to the automatic binNMUs I have spotted some build-failures
that will work now, so here are the give-backs. I hope that these
problems become less frequent when we can automatically schedule binNMus
with complete Dep-Wait lines.

gb hdbc-sqlite3_2.1.0.2-1 . amd64 sparc . -m 'Try with a working hdbc'
dw hdbc-sqlite3_2.1.0.2-1 . amd64 sparc . -m 'libghc6-hdbc-dev (>= 2.1.0-3)'
gb hdbc-odbc_2.1.0.0-3 . amd64 sparc . -m 'Try with a working hdbc'
dw hdbc-odbc_2.1.0.0-3 . amd64 sparc . -m 'libghc6-hdbc-dev (>= 2.1.0-3)'

Dear haskellers: The key to avoid these things is to keep the
Build-Dependencies (which can not be updated by haskell-devscripts
automatically) as high as possible.

In this concrete example, John has uploaded haskell-hdbc_2.1.0-3 before
hdbc-sqlite3_2.1.0.2-1, but the Build-Deps specify "libghc6-hdbc-dev (>=
2.1.0-2)", causing some buildds to build the packages in the wrong
order, trying to build hdbc-sqlite3 with the old, uninstallable hdbc. If
this were changed to "libghc6-hdbc-dev (>= 2.1.0-3)", all buildds would
have waited for a working version, and no manual interaction were


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