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Distro opinions sought on Haskell Platform policy question

Hi folks,

We've asked a policy question on the Haskell libraries mailing list and
it'd be useful to have some input from the perspective of people doing
distro packaging.

The specific question is:

        Should we allow compatible API additions to a library in a minor
        release of the platform?

        The choice is between allowing only bug fixes in minor releases,
        or also allowing new features that add APIs but do not change
        any existing APIs.

However the more general issue is how often we should have major and bug
fix releases.

Please post your thoughts to the Haskell libraries list (which is
subscriber only but I'm sure several people here are subscribed so
opinions can go via proxy if necessary). Reply to the thread starting
"Platform policy question: API compatability in minor releases"

Thanks very much.


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