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Re: New version of haskell-devscripts


Am Dienstag, den 31.03.2009, 13:30 +0300 schrieb Kari Pahula:
> C -dev libraries only depend on the corresponding C shared library and
> other C -dev libraries, not on other C shared libraries.  The C shared
> libraries depend on the other shared libraries that it uses.  But with
> haskell libraries built with ghc, we'll need to merge these roles.
> Any uses of a C shared library in a haskell library will depend on the
> particular soname version of that library, but we'll need the -dev
> package around to get the necessary information for the linker.  We
> can't rely on the dependency that a C -dev package has on the C shared
> library, since it can get updated to a new soname version, and the
> parts in the haskell library wouldn't any longer be ABI compatible
> with it.

Will it be ok to depend on the -dev package unversioned, or do we
somehow need to tie it to the version that the haskell package was built


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