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Re: haskelldb-hsql in unstable

John Goerzen wrote:

> Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> > I've still got the problem that hdbc-2.1.0 depends on 
> > libghc6-convertible-dev which I can't seen to find a source
> > package for (or even a binary one).
> It's sitting in NEW right now, and has been for some time.
> You can get the source from
> git clone git://git.complete.org/convertible
> cd convertible
> git checkout debian/1.0.2-1
> and build the package yourself that way.

Just tested it now and it works like a charm. Thanks. 

Erik de Castro Lopo
"If the fear of reward or punishment in the afterlife is the only thing that
makes people good, we are a sad lot indeed." -- Albert Einstein

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