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Re: GHC 6.10.1 uploaded to experimental


Am Donnerstag, den 22.01.2009, 15:09 +0200 schrieb Kari Pahula:
> I don't think that using interfaces' hash values to control rebuilds
> is a bad idea.  What I'd like to use it for is to gather hashes of
> Haskell packages' ifaces to an external site that would advise what
> binNMUs are needed to get every library usable, again, when something
> changes.  Once it gets mature enough we can hook it up to buildds (if
> RMs agree, etc.) and issue those automatically.

Ok, I am convinced.

That leaves the question: Should libraries depend on the exact version
(including Debian revision), requiring possible unnecessary re-builds of
parts of the dependency tree, or should they depend on the upstream
version only, with the risk of temporary breakage until it’s noticed and
binNMUs have been done?


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