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Re: Bug#507912: haskell-devscripts: Overly-tight deps in dh_haskell_depends

Hi John,

thanks for bringing this up

Am Freitag, den 05.12.2008, 13:57 -0600 schrieb John Goerzen:
> I am starting on the process of getting all my packages to use
> dh_haskell_depends.  Unfortunately, I noticed some oddities:
> I just built hslogger.  Its cabal file has Version: 1.0.6.  The
> debian/changelog version is  I am upstream for hslogger, so
> it is a debian-native package.
> Then I went to build MissingH.  It too is using dh_haskell_depends.
> Amongst the dependencies for libghc6-missingh-dev, I see:
>   libghc6-hslogger-dev (>=, libghc6-hslogger-dev (<<
> which is functionally the same as:
>   libghc6-hslogger-dev (=
> I am not sure what you meant to use; perhaps:
>   libghc6-hslogger-dev (>=, libghc6-hslogger-dev (<< 1.0.6.+)
> In other words, the upper bound should be based on the cabal version,
> not the Debian version.
> CCing to debian-haskell for feedback there.

For one thing, I’m not sure if it is safe to let packages depend on
anything else but the exact build in question, including the Debian
revision – this is what haskell-utils does, and I assume that Igloo had
a good reason for this (cross-module inlining, or something else – can’t

If it’s safe to only depend on the cabal version, I see two solutions:

A) You modify your naming scheme so that the Debian version is split
with a dash, as suggested by the policy. Note that policy does not
explicitly state that having a Debian version in the version string
means that you have to provide a .diff.gz and an orig.tar.gz – a .tar.gz
seems to be still policy-compliant[1].

B) dh_haskell_depends is enhanced to try to match the cabal version
inside the package version, and creating appropriate dependencies
(probably with a fallback to the current way).

I’d prefer A because B seems to be a bit error prone and adds
complexity, but of course with A, you’ll probably have to defend this
packaging scheme (but isn’t that already the case with using a
debian-native version)?


[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ap-pkg-sourcepkg.html#s-pkg-sourcearchives

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