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MobiliX.org is now TuxMobil.org

MobiliX with new name TuxMobil.org

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In the trademark case between the owners of the trademark Obelix and
Werner Heuser owner of the project "MobiliX - UniX on Mobile Devices" the
last verdict says that Werner Heuser has to withdraw his trademark
MobiliX. Therefore he has decided to rename his Open Source project to
"TuxMobil" (http://tuxmobil.org).

Nevertheless he is already asking the highest German court to permit
an appelation against the decision of the latest instance in court. The
appelation will take approximately four years. In the meantime the
trademark MobiliX can't be used, except he would be able to give
a pawn of 200.000 EURO for this time. The lawyers of Werner Heuser
Jaschinski, Biere und Brexl - JBB (http://www.jbb.de) are confident
to win the last instance. This would also help many other projects. The
number of trademarks ending on "ix", which have trouble with
Les Edition Albert René is increasing. Many projects can't effort
the high financial risk to fight back.

In autumn 2001 Les Edition Albert René, the owner of the trademark Obelix
has charged Werner Heuser. He is the owner of the wellknown open source
project MobiliX (now TuxMobil http://tuxmobil.org) . This project provides a
plenty of information about UniX operating systems like Linux, BSD and
Solaris on mobile computers.  Therefore he has choosen a name, which
expresses this by a combination of the words "Mobile" and "iX".  According
to the plaintiff he has choosen a word very similar to their trademark
Obelix, because he wants to take advantage of their famous name.

A detailed documentation of the case, containing information
about other projects under siege and the written statements of the
lawyers JBB, is available online
|=| Werner Heuser = Keplerstr. 11A = D-10589 Berlin = Germany
|=| <wehe_AT_tuxmobil.org>     T. 0049 - (0)30 - 349 53 86
|=| http://TuxMobil.org        UniX on Mobile Systems: HOWTOs,Software
|=| http://Xtops.DE            Laptops+PDAs pre-installed with UniX
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