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Re: on the topic of opie's package names

* Greg Gilbert (greg@treke.net) [030207 11:31]:
> * Klaus Weidner (kw@w-m-p.com) wrote:
> > I think that the name should be different just to avoid confusion.
> > Otherwise lots of people are going to be installing the one-time password
> > system and won't be able to login if they insist on getting it running :-/
> > 
> > How about qpe-opie- ?
> That gives me the impression that opie is a subproject of qpe, which
> it isnt. It's based off qpe, and currently compatible with qpe, but
> that could change in the future. Try as I might though, I cant think 
> of anything to name the packages.

How about:
desktop-opie- (it is a desktop, like gnome and kde, sortof)
open-palmtop-integrated-environment- (hmm...a little long)
Dunno, running out of ideas...


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