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WSJT / WSJT-X Package Update

Hello All,

I thought I'd pass along an progress from WSJT upstream activities.

Joe (K1JT) and Steve (K9AN) have implemented a FOSS decoder for both WSJT and WSJT-X v1.6.1. Currently, there is talk of a WSJT-X v1.6.0 release candidate, however, it's unclear if the FOSS decoder will make the v1.6.0 release or have to wait until the next round. I can say, WSJT-X v1.6.1 is running fantastic, and includes a couple new modes, including an upgraded WSPR decoder.

Regarding WSJT, I've been working on a few things to clear up some patches that are being done ( manpages, documentation etc) and I've also started work on adding an Sqlite3 DB backend, Tk/Pmw frontend, for logging QSO to an FSH location ( ~/.local/share/ .. .. ) using a module called appdirs.

Additionally, I'm in discussion with the development team about the possibility of replacing AsciiDoc (Python2 dependency) with Asciidoctor (Ruby dependency). This would clear up allot of issues surrounding Python packaging, particularly in the area of Python3-NumPy. At present, it's early days on the discussion.

My goal is to basically work down the entire patch list and clear out as many as can be done or that make sense for the application. Most of them are fairly simple to resolve. The one I am unsure about is the Audio Patch(s), as I've no way to really test that thoroughly, or at lease, not a method I know of.

The autotools scripts (configure.ac, maakefile.in, aclocal.m4 and the M4 macros) are all going to get an update. If you have any input on that, now would be the time to speak up.

Hamlib3 is making good progress, or so I've been told by the upstream folks. I doubt it will be released in time for WSJT-X v1.6.0( but I could be wrong ), which means, folks will have to use my PPA or build it with JTSDK ( or manually ) until the static Hamlib3 requirement is resolved.

If anyone knows of any additional bugs, problems, needs etc for either WSJT or WSJT-X, let me know, and I'll see what can be done for them; no guarantees, but we can ask.

That's all for now, hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

Greg, KI7MT

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