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Re: AX25 and related software's future in Debian

Alejandro wrote:
Patrick wrote:
> So, what inspiration can you give me to keep me from packing up the tent?
I for one vote to keep the software on Debian as long as it's possible
to maintain.

Two things;

Firstly, we invest our time and efforts in learning Debian because its consistent, predictable, reliable, Open and Free. I've lost count of how many Debian servers I've built for other people over the years. Not to mention how many dist-upgrades I've done between releases. Many other people come to rely on those attributes,

Secondly, I've just levelled up to get on air using digital modes; the amateur license, skills, computer and radio hardware. I've been looking forward to get my hands dirty with packet radio and APRS for a very long time! Please don't drop it =) Alternatively, sign me up!



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