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Re: AX25 and related software's future in Debian

On Thu, May 03, 2012 at 10:03:57PM -0400, Charles Suprin wrote:
> Patrick,
> I find myself asking the question if the name collision had occurred
> with emacs, vi, ls, cat, or anyone of a number of other programs would
> the conversation be the same.  There have been several good points in
> the conversation.
> Good luck and thanks for the effort.  It is a bigger problem than just
> this small node app.
> Charles


I have no doubt if the longer packaged program in question was one
you listed, or many others, the new package would be summarily dismissed
until it no longer conflicted.  There would not even be discussion.

I see the bigger problem too, but it seems like many or most in the
node discussion are so focused on getting node.js the name node at any
cost they haven't even considered the potential long term ramifications
of their actions.

The larger problem has been raised to the Debian project leader.  Perhaps
it will be addressed, perhaps not.


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