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Re: AX25 and related software's future in Debian

> So, what inspiration can you give me to keep me from packing up the tent?

I personally would be sorry to see it disappear from the
Debian distribution.

However, I think I understand your pain, and if you decide
to retire from the fight and let the packages be pulled from
Debian for lack of an active maintainer/sponsor I certainly
won't blame you!  I do not think it's a crucial enough issue
for you to injure yourself over.

I'm enough of a "tweaker" that I'd much prefer an actively-
maintained, distribution-agnostic "master kit" that I can
build and install myself, to an "easy install" package that's
not used by enough people to justify the effort needed to track
a changing distribution rule-set and fight battles such as the
one that seems to have erupted here.  My 8mpression is that the
Debian AX.25 apps have lagged significantly behind what's been
available "from source", perhaps due in part to this same
"lack of adequate use" problem, and that it's been preferable to
build from sources anyhow.

Other people may feel differently, of course.

AX.25 on Linux has (I think) always been enough of an "oddball"
niche interest that I suspect most users of it were "self-
installers" from the beginning, rather than being dependent on
support from their distribution.  If I recall correctly, many
of the standard Debian kernels have not supported AX.25 by
default, and installing a custom kernel has been close to a
"must".  Anybody who can do this, can probably manage to build
and install the libraries and apps themselves from the original
source kits.


	Dave AE6EO

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