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Re: Re: Fwd: Re: conflicting with a package that has a binary with the same name ?

sorry for replying so late, please cc me.

> Are you not worried about everyone who has run the node program from /usr/sbin/node since at least 1994 and getting them angry? 
Yes, i am worried.

> If you created something with the same name you obviously didn't do much of a background check into compatibility.
I'm just a maintainer, and i ran checks before packaging.
When i saw /usr/sbin/node existed, i patched "nodejs" to rename
its binary (and paths) accordingly.

> As a continuous very long term (about 1994) user of kernel ax25 I object strongly to this request which will affect far more users world-wide than just a few nodejs users.
I don't know anything about ax25, and "node" could have been
some very rarely used binary ; it's not but it was worth asking.

The thing about nodejs is that it's probably going to have a whole lot
of addons, each of which requiring patches to invoke nodejs instead of node.
The other possibility is to make nodejs conflict with node. I don't like that
either; still, it's the easiest solution to maintain.
I'd be glad to read any opinion about that.


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