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RE: Knoppix-based hamradio CD


This is in deed a good news.

Why not create a special distribution just for HAM's.

I think we diserve it.

The software we need is so specific that it shouldn't be too big.

Thank you for your enthusiastic ideas.

Keep them coming.


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On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 17:41:21 -0800
Bob Nielsen <nielsen@oz.net> wrote:

> Rein, PA0R is working on a Morphix-based CD containing TLF and more
> (no Klog, AFAIK):
> <http://home.iae.nl/users/reinc/dxpedition_disk.html>.

I know Bob.  Rein's project has a somewhat different focus and the more
the merrier as this point is my thought.  I think a Knoppix or Morphix
disk with some things such as OpenOffice left out , but with all the ham
software available on the official Debian site would be ideal.  I just
have not found the time and disk space to attempt it.

I think Rein has done a great job of making folks aware of this
possibility and has produced a very neat system for field events when
you may need to deal with a variety of computers.

I suspect it will grow in features over time to say the least.

Ed Lawson

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