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Re: directory to store TLE files

Good idea. However since /usr is supposed to contain read-only data how can the TLE be updated (except by root)? It seems like /var might be better but there is no place under /var that really fits this type of data. The closest thing I see is /var/lib but that is not a great match to this type of data.

On 2004.02.17 10:20 Patrick Ouellette wrote:
OK all you satellite users, where would we like to put the TLE files for
applications to SHARE?  It seems after a brief look at several tracking
programs packaged for Debian, they all store the TLE files in their own

I think (big mistake, I know) someplace like /usr/share/tle or
/usr/share/satellite-elements is logical.

(This was prompted by Dwarf's request for help maintaining seesat5.)

Flame on......


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