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Re: Can't generate the cabrillo file!!!

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 11:55:43AM +0100, Jaime Robles wrote:
> *TLF does not recognise time zones... so you must set the proper time on your 
> computer.
> *A BIG problem.... is that during the contest the time changed... and we 
> didn't notice that until 4 hours after the computer had changed automatically 
> the time and our logs were bad timed :-(
> Another problem... or wish for the "TODO" list would be a "time sincronyzation 
> mini protocol" to have sincronyzed logs... and not having to set the time on 
> the  net... just for that all the PC's on the net could sincronize (the 
> precision should only be adjusted to 1 minute) with the "minor IP" or any 
> other algoritm... just for not receiving QSOs from the future ;-) so a "sort 
> +3" and a "sort +2" to the logs should be the same :-)

Although I run my shack computer on UTC and didn't experience these
problems, it is possible to set the hardware clock to UTC and still
have the system using local time.  It might be possible (IANAP) for TLF
to make a call to the hardware clock rather than the system clock to
get the time. 

As for synchronizing the computers, I set mine using chrony (other NTP
clients can be used).  I believe Jaime said the computers used in the
multi-multi station were not connected to the internet.  In this case,
one of them could be manually set up as a server and the others could
synchronize with the master time server.  If one didn't want to go
through the trouble of setting up NTP, you could even periodically run
a chron script which uses rdate and hwclock to ensure that all the
computers were withing a second of each other.

Bob, N7XY

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