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Fwd: [gnome-flashback] Releasing gnome-panel 3.8.1, 3.10 for trusty ?, the state of master, RFH for code review

Dear gentleman,
As can be seen in the forwarded the maintainer of gnome-flashback is
asking for help in code review and comments on state of patches for
various branches of gnome-panel. Could 1 or 2 people from the
debian-gnome team take some time out and help out with the needful.

The benefits of this would be for people like me who like the
gnome2ish look while working with GNOME 3 components. It's possible
that some of this work may directly or indirectly also help the
derivative mate desktop as well.

Hopefully some people come forward.

The post in gnome-flashback archive list


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Philipp Kaluza <floss@ghostroute.eu>
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 19:56:26 +0200
Subject: [gnome-flashback] Releasing gnome-panel 3.8.1, 3.10 for
trusty ?, the state of master, RFH for code review
To: Mailing list for the Gnome Flashback project
<gnome-flashback-list@gnome.org>, Sebastian Geiger <lanoxx@gmx.net>,
Dmitry Shachnev <mitya57@ubuntu.com>

Hi All,

as you may know, gnome-panel master has been a huge grab-bag of stuff
and fluff since shortly after the 3.8.0 release, containing some good
(and important) bug fixes, dependency bumps, ABI breaks, code
modernization patches, and translation updates.

For this reason it's not possible to just cut a 3.8.1 release from
master as some have suggested - we need to stay compatible to the Gnome
3.8 release, the ABI we shipped with 3.8.0, and the dependency
requirements we published at that time.

I have now finally finished reviewing all the commits that went into the
master branch more or less unsorted - only a tiny fraction has ever
received proper code review.

I created a CSV table, attached, which lists which commit should go into
each branch. Feedback on this is very welcome.

Credit where credit is due, the majority of this work has been created
by Alberts Muskupavels (at least as far as the patch authorship
information is correct).

The next step is to cut a 3.8.1 release (from the gnome-3-8 branch
I have pushed the relevant code commits to that branch. Translation
commits will follow.

I have resurrected a saucy system with mixed Gnome 3.8 / Gnome 3.10
components, and the branch builds and works there, even loading applets
from the old gnome-applets 3.6.5 package.
(TODO: test jhbuild of 3.8 also)

Please test building and running the gnome-3-8 branch, especially on
Gnome 3.8 and 3.10 installations and in jhbuild.

@lanoxx: I have marked your .ui file modernization patches as being OK
to go into 3.8 - does that seem sensible to you ?


QUESTION to Ubuntu downstreams: You were the only ones that seemed
interested in getting a gnome-panel 3.10 release done. Is anybody still
interested in creating a backport for this  in trusty, and seeing it
through to completions ?

If not, I'm inclined to skip 3.10 completely. Please answer until
Saturday at the latest.

I'm also looking for help to conduct a proper code review round on all
the work in master. Please check the CSV file, if the split of patches
into feature branches makes sense. Then I will publish proper RFCs for
each branch on this ML¹, and am hoping the other devs / downstreams will
help me to review this work.

¹ (As I had asked the author to do, who couldn't be bothered.)

And as always, Gnome Flashback needs some love, resurrecting the missing
gnome-settings-daemon parts. (I know ubuntu downstream has created a
workaround, in the form of a g-s-d fork. Upstream we are still in bad
shape on this front, and AFAICT so is GF in Debian.)


Philipp Kaluza
Ghostroute IT Consulting

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
EB80 462B 08E1 A0DE A73A  2C2F 9F3D C7A4 E1C4 D2D8
,"249ae22","Updated Latvian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"3d5636e","Updated Serbian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"e7f096d","notification_area: fix deprecated warnings",,"OK",,,,
,"40f0d24","libpanel-applet-private: fix typo in Makefile.am",,"OK",,,,
,"7e76283","wncklet: remove unneeded code and rename function",,,,,,"OK"
,"292387b","libpanel-applet: show applet edit popup on correct screen",,"OK",,,,
,"5a1d395","panel: replace gtktable with gtkgrid in panel-ditem-editor.c",,,,,"OK",
,"943c832","panel: show launcher edit dialog on correct screen",,"OK",,,,
,"283e026","panel: remove unused variables from panel-layout.c",,,,,"OK",
,"014e85f","panel: port panel-util.c to gsettings",,,,,,"OK"
,"b902c14","notification_area: remove unneeded include",,,,,,"OK"
,"39cc440","panel: remove unneeded include in gnome-desktop-item-edit.c",,,,,,"OK"
,"6e31142","panel: remove gconf from panel-action-button.c",,,,,,"OK"
,"347bd23","panel: port panel-menu-items.c to gsettings",,,,,,"OK"
,"4538796","clock: remove unused #define line",,,,,,"OK"
,"0820ebd","clock: remove no longer needed code",,"OK",,,,
,"8acdf9b","panel: replace gtktable with gtkgrid in panel-toplevel.c",,,,"OK",,
,"1ea72c9","panel: don't set panel's initial size to G_MAXINT",,,,"OK",,
,"46de3a2","Remove g_type_init(), bump GLib required version","Later (3.10+)",,,,,
,"b638ed1","remove deprecated librsvg/rsvg-cairo.h include",,,,,"?",
,"61b434c","Use ""GNOME Flashback (Metacity)"" as a display name for session.","NAK, Ubuntu-specific",,,,,
,"cf5f81d","Pass --session-name from desktop files.","reverted, doesnt work",,,,,
,"8ce8bf9","Add Mutter session.","reverted",,,,,
,"09078e7","Add Compiz session.","reverted",,,,,
,"c96e85f","port bindings to gsettings","ABI",,,,,"yes, ABI!"
,"386be46","panel: create better applet/object names",,"OK",,,,
,"f9e8250","fix building with gweather 3.9.2 or newer",,"OK",,,,
,"a0c192c","Updated POTFILES.in and POTFILES.skip",,,"skip",,,
,"7c0c9bd","Updated Polish translation",,,"OK",,,
,"7b75e82","Updated Czech translation",,,"OK",,,
,"d09d93c","clock: fix crash when closing preferences dialog",,"rework",,,,
,"2d8f9b6","PanelWidget: remove unused variable - thick",,"OK",,,,
,"9441b09","panel: simplify panel_toplevel_check_resize function",,"OK",,,,
,"506b65e","Revert ""Pass --session-name from desktop files.""","---",,,,,
,"66f0777","panel: fix problem when panel size not updated",,"OK",,,,
,"488f349","Revert ""Add Compiz session.""","---",,,,,
,"cb3ac6a","Revert ""Add Mutter session.""","---",,,,,
,"31db775","Removed non-existing files from POTFILES.in",,,"skip",,,
,"76551c8","Updated Spanish translation",,,"OK",,,
,"9198460","Updated POTFILES.skip",,,"skip",,,
,"d1b93b8","Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation",,,"OK",,,
,"559282","Updated Slovenian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"9bc6d3c","don't use deprecated GtkSymbolicColor",,,,,"OK, distcheck !",
,"f86b94e","configure.ac: remove bonobo line",,"OK",,,,
,"2520a75","showdesktop: Use named icons rather than (deprecated) stock items.",,"OK",,,,
,"c93966c","Updated Galician translations",,,"OK",,,
,"2e8661c","Updated Russian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"0682c63","Update Chinese simplified translation",,,"OK",,,
,"d932eb7","Updated Serbian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"e150499","Updated FSF's address",,"OK",,,,
,"29e7175","gnome-panel.desktop: remove StartupNotify line",,"OK",,,,
,"c2fcf88","Updated Hungarian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"6b1a498","Updated Lithuanian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"972950000","Updated Indonesian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"4a6c097","doap: update URLs",,"OK",,,,
,"92bd771","Updated Russian translation",,,"OK",,,
,"9cce780","Updated Basque language",,,"OK",,,
,"94be70d","Updated Basque language",,,"OK",,,
,"6d7833a","Update panel run dialog",,"OK",,,,
,"e2f0a8f","Remove myself from maintainers",,"OK",,,,
,"69e1e26","Fix window-list applet bug on vertical panel 03_tasklist_orientation.patch from debian. This requires libwnck 3.4.6 or newer.","libwnck too young",,,,"OK, dep bump",
,"5836a41","Panel properties dialog: Clean up",,"OK",,,,
,"c8677af","Fix clock crash when adding new location",,"OK",,,,
,"6fe206c","Fix clock applet preferences Reload locations list in preferences dialog when new location is added or removed.",,"OK",,,,
,"74e09b1","Panel test dialog: Clean up",,"OK",,,,
,"8e68d62","Clock Applet: Cleanup",,"OK",,,,
,"3d13012","xstuff.c: remove old unused code",,,,,"OK",
,"3eda3c1","panel-icon-chooser: don't use deprecated GtkStock","trans implications",,,,"OK",
,"1f525aa","button-widget.c: fix deprecated warnings",,"OK",,,,
,"ff8407c","panel.c: don't use deprecated GtkStock","trans implications",,,,"OK",
,"303b0de","Updated Polish translation",,,,,"OK",
,"e3ff7a0","Finnish translation update",,,,,"OK",
,"e599b04","This partially fixes 'make distcheck'","combine with 9bc6d3c, adapt commit msg!",,,,"OK, â?¦.",
,"8542821","Updated Czech translation",,,"OK",,,
,"d77d68d","build: This fixes 'make distcheck'","Wrong !",,,,,
,"0bef2be","Partially revert commit c96e85f3",,,,,,"no longer needed"
,"87c608b","configure.ac: Update clock applet required modules Add dconf as required module for clock applet to fix build error. https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-flashback-list/2014-May/msg00056.html",,,,,,"OK";
,"2c582d8","libpanel-applet: set correct typelibdir","Review !",,,,,
,"586704d","Use correct applications .menu file * gnome-menus renamed applications.menu to gnome-applications.menu   since 3.7.90 version. Update to reflect this change. * Bump required libgnome-menu-3.0 version to 3.7.90","dep bump !","OK ?",,,,
,"ccb4a7f","Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation","?",,"OK",,,
,"9096384","applet.[c/h]: fix deprecated warnings * Don't use deprecated GtkImageMenuItem. * Don't use deprecated GtkStock.",,,,,"OK",
,"a9d33d2","panel-ditem-editor.c: don't use deprecated GTK_STOCK_*","trans implications",,,,"OK",
,"a146edc","panel-addto.c: don't use deprecated GTK_STOCK_*","trans implications",,,,"OK",
,"7f69c41","Updated Polish translation","?",,,,,
,"b91a94f","Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation","?",,,,,
,"244bd95","Updated Spanish translation","?",,,,,

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