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Libclutter crash


More than 2 weeks ago, I submitted a bug report regarding a crash in
Clutter : http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=721453 .
Since then, I haven't received any reply, not event an acknowledgment.

I'm developing a program using Gtk, and I'm working on using Clutter
for some animations. Thing is, this bug will soon block me.
Currently I'm working with Fedora, so everything is fine. However, as
soon as I'll merge my work branch in the default branch, it's very
likely that Debian testing/unstable users will report crashes to me.
I'm using Debian sid on some of my computers, so it will also be a
problem for me.

Is there any way for me to know at least if someone intends to fix
this bug at some point ?
Also, is there anything more I can do to help fix it ?

Thanks in advance,

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