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nm-applet back to "old" icon in gnome-shell

Hi all,

While trying to debug #636137 I compiled and installed network-manager from git and from debian's experimental source.

After sort of finding the culprit for the bug (put some notes on the bug), I resort back to the original network-manager* packages from experimental.

But after restarting, I found out that nm-applet icons has change back to gnome2 icons. No more white icon with black background gnome-shell style.

Tried many things like reinstalling network-manager*, purging and install, restarting dbus, restarting system along the way, with no luck. The icon stayed.

Appreciate if anyone can give help or pointers of what's going on and how to fix this.

Please cc the replies to me as  I'm not on this list.


All the best.

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