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Re: Analysis of the gnome3 transitions

On 15/04/11 11:17, Josselin Mouette wrote:
>>> 1. libnotify
>> This has been requested and is tracked as #622363. As mentioned in the
>> bugreport, we will try to get Xfce before (asked earlier and seems to
>> simplify the transition a bit).
> Yes, although libnotify 0.6 doesn’t require anything and would help some
> reverse dependencies already.

Bigon said 0.6 doesn't link against any gtk+ version though it still uses it.
That's buggy (it should link against the version it was built against) and will
cause various kind of bugs, so I think we should go for 0.7 directly. If the
number of rdeps is too big we can rename the -dev package.

>>> 3. devhelp
>> and, anjuta-extras I guess. If everything needed is already ready in
>> sid/wheezy, you can go ahead with this.
> The one thing I’m wondering about starting to upload GTK3 applications is
> the lack of a good theme. The only theme available currently is Adwaita;
> we could upload it to unstable but this means changing the default theme.

We'll change it sooner or later, so this shouldn't be a big issue. Or am I
missing something?

>>> 4. gnome-keyring
>>>         It is almost a self-contained transition (gnome-keyring +
>>>         seahorse). However it needs to be done early because empathy
>>>         (involved in other transitions) will need it.
>> This semi-started :/ libgnome-keyring 3.0 has been uploaded and triggered
>> some bad side effects (#622556). It might be a good idea to do this one,
>> if we can avoid updating seahorse-plugins ; or revert the upload.
> Yeah, I think upstream f*cked up this one too. I’ll see how this can be
> fixed.

This is being worked on. gnome-keyring and seahorse are on NEW. almanah should
be uploaded soon, and seahorse-plugins will need to be removed from testing (the
plugins have either not being ported, or need G3 packages that are only on
experimental, e.g. nautilus 3 for the nautilus extension). It will come back at
some point after the other transitions.

Should be pretty self-contained, so hopefully won't cause any big issues.

>>> 5. gedit
>> This probably means not before gnome-keyring and devhelp transitions are
>> over, I guess.
> In any case, if we do one transition before the other, the gedit plugin
> will stop working for a while. I think it’s a necessary evil, otherwise
> we’re going to entangle all these transitions together.



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