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Re: GNOME 3 and panel applets

Josselin Mouette wrote:

> If you develop, maintain or use one of those packages, and you don’t
> want it to disappear, your options are now:
>      1. Prepare to disable gnome-panel support (that’s for packages
>         which already have other options, such as using the notification
>         area). 
>      2. If meaningful (it depends on the applet), switch to another
>         technology such as libappindicator or the notification area. 
>      3. Port your applet to GTK3 and the new D-Bus API. The bindings for
>         Python and C# will probably not work either, so you might have
>         to start with them. 

Vincent Untz has now updated the libpanel-applet documentation, you
can get it from the gnome-panel git tree[1], and it will appear on
library.gnome.org once a gnome-panel tarball gets out.

He also added a test applet using Python and gobject introspection,

Hope it helps,


[1] online as

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