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Sudo mode and policykit


currently, depending on the “sudo mode” which is set during
installation, d-i configures gksu to use sudo mode by default (with a
GConf key).

However, an increasing number of packages use policykit instead of gksu
to obtain root access, so we need some changes on this matter.

Actually there are two very simple solutions, so it is really a matter
of what design you prefer. 
     1. (Stolen from Ubuntu) Create a new “admin” group, modify
        policykit to accept self-authentication for all members of the
        admin group. Let d-i simply add the user to group admin if in
        sudo mode. Bonus points for using the admin group in sudo too
        instead of hardcoding the username. 
     2. Let d-i create a file somewhere in /etc/polkit-1 that will add
        the created user to the list of users authorized to

In both cases the modifications to d-i should be very straightforward,
but I think this needs to be done for squeeze for the sake of

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