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Re: gconftool-2: custom desktop settings

 I'll reply to the "customize a system to do this" parts; to customize
 the contents of the live CD to apply these changes, you should ask on
 their mailing-list rather than this one.

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009, schoappied wrote:
> I want to change some settings of the live-cd desktop and I'm wondering  
> how to do it. I've heard you better do it with gconftool. This is what I  
> want:
> 1) change desktop theme

 GConf setting; you should use a GConf defaults file to override this;
 see man update-gconf-defaults.

> 2) remove icons from the menu

 You want to remove the programs from the live CD or just hide them?  I
 guess you could hide them either by changing the /etc/ or the ~/ menu
 files; the former manually, the latter with a menu editor e.g.

> 3) add icons to entries in the menu which don't have an icon

 ?  All entries should have icon, or it's a bug, no?

> 4) remove the top panel

 That's a GConf key.

> 5) add the 'OpenSuse-gnome-menu' to the low panel and some other things  
> like networkmanager, fast user switch etc.

 You want to add packages.

> 6) add bookmarks to bookmark menu in iceweasel and also to the bookmark  
> toolbar.
> 7) add a new search engine to iceweasel

 Don't know how to do this properly; you could change the shipped
 bookmarks or install some in ~/.

> 8) edit the applications preferences (icedove for email for instance)

 GConf as well.

Loïc Minier

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