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Re: pango 1.14.9 and pango-libthai

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan wrote:
> What we need in the new pango deb is
> - Build-Depends: libthai-dev >= 0.1.7-1
> - Conflicts: pango-libthai
> However, libthai in sid/etch is currently 0.1.6-1.
> Libthai 0.1.7 would require a new package, libdatrie,
> for which I have filed ITP bug #392315, and
> prepared the package in mentors.debian.net [2],
> waiting for sponsorship for over a month.

 We are currently in "upstream version freeze"; I think this is the last
 freeze before "full freeze".  Following your plan requires:
 - a new source package (libdatrie), at least 10 days propagation to
   testing if everything goes fine
 - a new upstream version of libthai (breaks new upstream version
   freeze), with shlibs bumps (breaks another freeze which started
   longer ago, but there are not so many rdeps to libthai0), certainly
   10 days at least, after libdatrie
 - a new upstream version of pango (breaks new upstream version freeze,
   has an udeb == is used in debian-installer), given the importance of
   pango, 10 days as well, probably after libthai

 This is a bit too much I'm afraid, and you didn't state any benefit at
 all: does it fix bugs?  is it faster?

> Alternatively, if that takes too much, esp. if the new
> pango is still aimed for etch, we can ship it without
> Thai language module, and provide pango-libthai
> until libthai 0.1.7 makes it into Debian. But in the long
> run, pango-libthai is doomed (as well as its friend,
> gtk-im-libthai, once the new GTK+ is released
> upstream).

 A pango update might be feasible, it has no API change, so wouldn't
 need any shlib bump, but I messed with the previous update a little,
 and it's getting really late.  I would rather backport fixes to
 pango-libthai if needs be.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
 "I have no strong feelings one way or the other." -- Neutral President

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