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Patch to add DirectFB backend to current GTK+ sources


I prepared a tarball [1] containing the DFB backend for GTK+, backported from GTK's CVS HEAD to 2.8.x, and a patchfile to compile GTK 2.8.17 with the DFB backend.
The patchfile has been tested with GTK 2.8.17 from CVS, DirectFB 0.9.24
and and Cairo 1.1.6 built with DFB backend; produced GTK liraries were
succsfully tested with the GIMP.
This patch should allow the debian-gtk-gnome team to produce both the
X11 and DFB version (used in the debian-installer) of the GTK libraries
from the same source package.
This is a temporary solution, as when GTK 2.10 is released, this will be
possible without patches for upstream sources as it already contains the
DFB backend.
Having the debian-gtk-gnome team managing also the DFB version of GTK+
libraries will also allow the d-i team to drop its own 2.0.9 source
Having GTKDFB 2.8.17, whose DFB backend is much more stable than the old
one found in GTKDFB 2.0.9, available as udeb may allow Etch to be
released with graphical frontend enabled by default ?

Attilio Fiandrotti

[1] https://debian.polito.it/downloads/gtk+-directfb.tar.bzip

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