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Evolution 2.6 and friends.

Hello all :)

During the next few days evolution 2.6 and friends will (finally) be
uploaded to unstable. We're now just waiting for the stack below to be
rebuilt to fix the libXcursor.la/libXrender.la-issues. 

Evolution-data-server 1.6 contains so-name-bumps for these libraries:
- libexchange-storage1.2 (from 1.2-0 to 1.2-1)
- libegroupwise1.2 (from 1.2-8 to 1.2-9)
- libedataserver1.2 (from 1.2-4 to 1.2-7)
- libcamel1.2 (from 1.2-6 to 1.2-8)

The following packages depends on one of these libraries and will need
to be rebuilt against the new version when this upload happens:
+ evolution-exchange 2.4.2-1
+ opensync-plugin-evolution 0.18-1
+ nautilus-sendto 0.4-1
+ libmultisync-plugin-evolution 0.82-5.2
+ libevolution-ruby1.8 0.5-2+b1
+ libevolution-cil 0.10.2-3
+ hdate-applet 0.15.6-4
+ gnomemeeting 1.2.3-3
+ gnome-panel
+ glabels 2.1.2-3
+ evolution-webcal
+ deskbar-applet 2.14.1-1
+ contact-lookup-applet 0.13-2

I've already filed bugs of severity important against most of these
packages (all except evolution-webcal which I'll handle myself and
gnome-panel which is only waiting for the new e-d-s to upload 2.14) 


On a related note, I intend to do a "friendly hijack" of
evolution-webcal from pkg-gnome to pkg-evolution to keep it closer to
the core. This is approved and supported by its previous maintainer,
Jeff Waugh, and I received no objections when I aired it on
#gnome-debian. If someone feels that this is a bad idea, speak out now
or remain silent forever ;)

Have a nice weekend :)

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