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Re: The GNOME team needs your help

* Sjoerd Simons <sjoerd@spring.luon.net> [2006:01:17 10:35 +0100]: 
> It also can't hurt to report success back to bugzilla if you test this patch.
>  In this case it looks like it's currently stalled, attracting some
>  attention/providing feedback to it might help :) 
>   Sjoerd

OK, sounds good to me. One more thing: when asking a submitter if a problem
still persists/for more information, how long do you generally wait for
a reply before taking further action on a bug? E.g. closing something that
you can't reproduce and likely has been fixed or no longer appears in
current unstable, especially when the bug has been reported on a package
that has progressed two or so major versions since the reporting.

A. Christine Spang

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