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Re: Buggnome-keyboard-properties breaks my keyboard configuration

reassign 245460 gnome-control-center
severity 245460 important
found 245460 1:2.12.2-1

An update to this bug, from my blog. Now it's impossible to configure my

(#105) How can I stop gnome-control-center from breaking my keyboard?

The latest release of gnome-control-center[0] contains an updated
version of gnome-keyboard-properties which is even more hostile to a
customised keyboard configuration.

The fundamental problem has not changed: I need to customise the
standard keyboard layout configured in x.org (so far I have been using
xmodmap), but GNOME will override any change done in ~/.xsession.

With the precedent version I was able to remove all configured layouts
from the dialog (at the price of an annoying warning dialog at every
login: #245460[1]), but the new one helpfully forces me to have at
least one valid layout.

So, what can I do to make my keyboard configuration GNOME-compatible?
Bonus points if you know how to do this without root privileges
(editing the xkb database is not a valid answer).


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