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Update on GNOME 2.10 schedule


On Wed, Sep 07, 2005, Loïc Minier wrote:
>  0/ Wait for gnome-vfs2 to enter testing

 The biggest chunk of the transition entered testing thanks to the
 release team.

>  1/ GNOME 2.10 remaining uploads
>  - packages to be sponsored in our IRC channel

 Nothing remains to be sponsored right now, either because sponsoring
 happened, or because newer versions were packaged by DD, or because the
 packages can't be sponsored right now (GNOME 2.12 deps for example).

>  - plus packages in the TBU list

 All of these uploaded.

>  - plus packages in the TODO list

 All of these done (except pygtk in NEW and glib 2.8.2 which just came
 out :).

>  - plus packages with interesting changes in the SVN

 Grepping for unreleased packages shows:

bug-buddy 2.10.0-3
control-center 1:2.10.1-7 => new upstream release 2.10.2
eel2 2.10.1-3
eog 2.10.2-3
file-roller 2.10.4-3
gconf-editor 2.10.0-3
gnome-applets 2.10.1-6
gnome-common 2.8.0-4
gnome-games 1:2.10.1-6
gnome-media 2.10.2-1 => waiting for the GStreamer OSS -> ALSA switch
gnome-print 0.37-6
gnome-session 2.10.0-8
gnome-system-tools 1.4.0-2
gnome-terminal 2.10.0-3
gnome-vfs2 2.10.1-6
gok 1.0.5-3
gtk+2.0 2.6.10-2 => gtk 2.8 might be used instead
libgnomeui 2.10.1-2
nautilus 2.10.1-5
totem 1.0.4-2
devhelp 0.10-5
evolution-webcal 2.2.0-2
gamin 0.1.6-1
gdm-themes 0.4.2
gksu 1.3.4-2
gtodo-applet 0.1-6
libgda2 1.2.2-1
libgnomedb 1.2.1-5
mozilla-bonobo => involved in Mozilla / C++ transition
nautilus-sendto 0.3-5
tsclient 0.140-2

 All of these are probably not very important changes, so it's more of a
 "nice to have list" than a real TODO.

 I think these changes should be uploaded in an opportunist way, as long
 as other bug fixes or important fixes.

>  2-a/ testing migration cycle
>  Tracking of RC bugs and upgrade bugs from 2.8 to 2.10, and bug triage
>  for the remaining issues with respect to transition to testing.

 This can happen right now, I have not seen any upgrade issue reported
 myself, but I know of some RCs which are blocking us:
 - mozilla FTBFS on a bunch of arches, and blocks epiphany-browser, and
   hence will block epiphany-extensions, yelp, mozilla-bonobo, and
 - gnome-system-tools might have bugs with exotic Debian configuration
   (for example hurd), and we might need to drop some of the tools it
 - security issues in epiphany-browser (#327366) and libzvt2 (#329156)
 - libgtk FHS compliance
 - build failures, have a look at:
 (you might want to use your email address instead, some packages are
 not team-maintained)
 - anything else?

>  2-b/ 2.12 preparation in experimental
>  2.12 modules should preferably be packaged when the 2.10 module is in a
>  stable shape.

 For certain modules, this already happened and the persons preparing
 the experimental/ uploads have kept in sync with changes in the
 unstable/ tree, which seems to be the way to go.

 Of course, the more changes that might need to be done in unstable, the
 more will have to be ported to experimental.

 At all rates, now seems to be the time to do some haevy bug fixing and
 bug triage, and get GNOME 2.10 in a state close to permitting a release
 with it!



Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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