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Re: Problem with g-v-m

Anders Magnusson <d98.ama@gmail.com> writes:

> I just installed Gnome-Volume-Manager (and also got udev, dbus etc.),
> and now some things aren't working any more.
> 1) My sound card doesn't work. When executing "/etc/init.d/alsa start"
> I only get this error message:
> Error: alsactl restore failed with message 'alsactl: load_state:1134:
> No soundcards found...'
> I don't have any /dev/snd*. Is this a udev problem??
> 2) I can't access my CD drive anymore. I've been using SCSI emulation
> until now, but I've also tried ide_cd. But I never seem to get any
> /dev/hdb or /dev/scd. Is this also a udev problem?
> 3) This might not be a real problem, but I thought that g-v-m would
> automagically mount everything that I would throw at my laptop. But if
> I insert a CF card, nothing happends ( I can see in the logs that
> /dev/hdc is created). Isn't g-v-m supposed to mount the card and pop
> up a nautilus?
> /Anders

Apologies if this is too simple a solution, but what symlinks do you
have in /etc/udev/rules.d? 

I had very similar problems a while ago because a new udev
installation didn't give me a symlink to udev.rules. 


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