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Re: Thanks for a smooth 2.6 to 2.8 transistion

Ryan Lovett wrote:
What about sites that have hundreds of users? Adding everyone to the
plugdev group would be somewhat unwieldy. (I'm not griping, I'm just
interested in a solution.) Is there an alternative to this?


Such a system with hundreds of users could either be a server, in which case the users are unlikely to be plugging in arbitrary devices, and you probably won't be running udev, hal, gvm, pmount & friends on it. Or it could be a workstation, in which case you only want the user who is sitting at it and logged in to be able to mount the devices or removable media which are presumably theirs, so a pam module to add them to the group at login, and remove them from it at log out, seems reasonable. Access to the sound and video hardware (for DRI) could usefully be controlled in a similar way.


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