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dh_scrollkeeper should add a Depends on scrollkeeper or not ?


I've reported a bug against dh_scrollkeeper to not have the depend on
scrollkeeper in misc:Depends:

"dh_scrollkeeper has been adapted so packages don't require scrollkeeper
(#225337), but dh_scrollkeeper still add it in misc:Depends. 

I'm not sure than this dependance is a good default. 
scrollkeeper should be installed for people who want to use it (ie: with yelp 
(the GNOME doc browser), the GNOME meta packages, ... ), but the is no interest 
to add this depends for all the application which have an omf file.

Not running scrollkeeper after each install is not a problem since it's 
possible to rebuild the full base in one command (after yelp install for example),
so docs will not be missing even if they have been installed without scrollkeeper.

An other solution could be to not use {misc:Depends} for all the packages that don't 
want to add this depends, but I think the good default is to not force it."

Comments are welcome :)


Sebastien Bacher

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