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Re: gnome-terminal (and others)

On Tue, 22 Jun 2004, John Alfred Nathanael Chee wrote:

> I'm using gnome-terminal 2.4.2 and when I try to type in a command that is more than one line
> long, instead of wrapping down to the next line, the command just starts writing over the same

Talking about wrapping lines, lines in an email shouldn't be longer than
about 72 characters (which allows for 4 levels of replies).

Anyway, I do not believe this is a gnome-terminal or whatever related
bug, I have seen this on the console too.

> line. It also affects xterm, and uxterm, but when I'm in the shell alone, it seems to wrap just

So, if you mention it also affects other terminals, why are you mailing
the gnome list about it?

> fine, is there anyway to remedy this?

If you're using color escape sequences in your PS1 prompt string, you
may want to try putting a pair of \[ ... \] around them.

eg: don't use \e[31m, but \[\e[31m\]


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Jan Van Buggenhout

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