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El día 09 may 2004, Robert Millan escribía:
> Hi folks.
> I'm starting plans to port GNOME to the Debian GNU/k*BSD platform. Since
> GNOME components are generaly portable software and are also known to work
> well with Glibc, this won't be much of a major work.
> The only significant porting issue is with updating libtool in all the
> packages containing an old version to a newer one that supports GNU/k*BSD.
> So if you maintain a library and/or are going to upload a library package soon,
> please take a minute to sort this out. Although this is a long-term plan, I'll
> eventualy be filing bugs for libtool updates on individual packages.

  This is one of the planned tasks for GNOME 2.6, now in experimental.
  And as I can tell, a lot of libs have been relibtoolized yet.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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