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Re: What about the C++ bindings for gtk2.4?

Bradley Bell schrieb:
glibmm and gtkmm 2.4 are in experimental now, compiled against libsigc++
1.9, from unstable.

Thank you for your answer!

I simply looked by the wrong name (libgtkmm2.4-dev instead of libgtkmm-2.4-dev):

libgtkmm-dev - C++ wrapper for GTK+ 1.2 (development files)
libgtkmm2.0-dev - C++ wrappers for GTK+ 2.0 (development files)
libgtkmm-2.4-dev - C++ wrappers for GTK+ 2.4 (development files)

libgtkmm1.2-0 - C++ wrappers for GTK+ 1.2 (shared libraries)
libgtkmm2.0-1c102 - C++ wrappers for GTK+ 2.0 (shared libraries)
libgtkmm-2.4-1 - C++ wrappers for GTK+ 2.4 (shared libraries)

No criticism meant, but that doesn't look too systematic to me :-P

Thank you for maintaining the packages!

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