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Sarge: Gnome Sound with VIA Hardware

I've just done a testrun of d-i installer beta4 which worked just fine.

However, sound in Gnome does not work. Sound in KDE works fine. Sound in
Gnome on my heavily modified woody system on the same hardware works

I've looked at the existing bugs for esound and it looks like I'm not
alone. A number of people have reported similar symptoms to the ones I
get: Scratchy, somewhat cyclic noise on startup that only stops once a
sound is played, e.g. using esdcat. But even after that sound is not
really ok - it still sounds echoish, repeated, distorted, mutilated
(hard to describe, sorry).

For the record: This is with the stock Debian kernel 2.6.3 for k7 from
sarge on an MSI KT3 Ultra motherboard with an Athlon XP 2400+, i.e. the
sound chip is VIA8233.

Given that VIA chipsets are quite widespread and the already
considerable number of bugreports, it would be really fantastic if this
issue could be resolved before the Sarge release.

If there is anything I can do to help, such as testing patches or
providing more input, please let me know.

Best regards

PS: I'm not on the list, cc'ing me on replies would therefore be very
helpful. Thanks a lot.
Andree Leidenfrost
Sydney - Australia

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