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Gnome2.6 compilation on Sparc


 It seems I can provide Sparc debs for Gnome2.6. We need some days to
set the things up, but it seems it will work. So here is my plan:
- our university[1] has a SUN machine, which can be converted to Debian
- we can recompile the sources for Sparc, making debs
- as I am not yet a DD[2], I can only sign .changes with my GPG key
  (it has Algernon's signature[3] on it, who is a DD)
- someone can upload them to experimental, with some note that it was
  provided by University of Miskolc

Anyone interested sponsoring us? We would like to see Gnome2.6 in Sarge
ASAP. :)

[1] http://www.iit.uni-miskolc.hu/iit/index.jsp
[2] http://nm.debian.org/nmstatus.php?email=gcs%40lsc.hu
[3] algernon@debian.org

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