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Re: Bug#245504: Dell GX270, sarge beta3 netinst credit card i386, mostly successful

This is more appropriate on -gtk-gnome than on -boot.

Perhaps somebody there knows what your problem is.


On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 07:52:08PM +0300, era eriksson wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 18:19:37 +0200, Per Olofsson <pelle@dsv.su.se> wrote:
>  >> -- some parts simply don't
>  >> work, and it will crash if you click rapidly in unexpected places etc.
>  > This is a little vague - have you submitted bug reports against GNOME
>  > packages about this?
> I'm afraid I'm not competent to diagnose the problems I'm having.
> Things crash and burn a little bit too often to be suitable for
> inclusion in Debian stable, IMHO, is all I'm saying.
> X <---- You should probably stop reading here, but I include a bit of
> elaboration since you seemed to be asking for details.
> I cannot even repro the problem but in the end the symptom is always
> the same and Gnome applications in general seem to be able to get me
> into this situation, such as when I try one of the games or mess with
> the Gnome panel (add a drawer, drag around the items on the panel,
> etc).
> The program in question will stop responding, and by and by the whole
> desktop degrades to the point where killing the X server seems like
> the only way out (especially since the panel and thus the menu with
> the logout item tends to have frozen at this point) but it's not a
> solution either -- I get gdm back up but it's unable to log me in;
> after I enter my user ID and password, all I get is a dark screen (for
> what it's worth, I'd say it's dark indigo and not completely black,
> i.e. probably what the Gnome "starting up" background color is) and no
> activity whatsoever.
> I have tried to restart individual daemons (gdm, xfs, etc) but nothing
> short of going single-user and then bringing the system back up seems
> to cure the symptom anymore at this point.
> I don't expect you to be able to go anywhere with this, but I'd like
> to know if it's a known problem. Like I (sarcastically) remarked, this
> is not very new; I've been running Gnome 1.4 and had roughly similar
> experiences with that.
> (By and by you learn which parts to stay away from ... I basically run
> Gnome for the panel and session management only, these days. Sounds
> like I should switch to something like XFCE I guess, but I've been too
> lazy to change things.)
> /* era */

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