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Colour Browser

Hello folks,

Way back in the days of old (OK Gnome 1.4) there was a colour browser
which was part of the gnome-utils package (gcolorsel). One particularly
handy feature of gcolorsel was the ability to "grab" a colour from
anywhere on your desktop not just from within one application. 

So when you see a nice colour(s) when surfing, for example, just use the
eyedropper in gcolorsel and you can identify it by hex. Then I can just
pop the number into my CSS sheet. I actually still use gcolorsel as I
have a machine on the network with 1.4 and I access it using a remote X
session. One day though this machine will have to be upgraded :(

Now there is no applet that I know of in gnome 2.4 nor is there one
coming in 2.6 that can do the same thing. Unless someone knows


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