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Re: hi <- ScanMail has detected a virus!

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your enquiry. Creative believes in providing fast and
efficient service to all our customers. In order for us to provide this
service to you, we have launched the Creative Case Management system that
will enable you to track and update your support request.  You can
therefore send new support requests at  :

Besides contacting our Creative Support, you may also wish to use our other
web-based support solutions, such as the following websites that offer the
latest updates, drivers and useful information for your Creative product.

To help you identify your Creative product model for the correct drivers ,
please go to :

To search for updates and drivers, please go to :

For product installation and user guides, go to :

There is also the Creative Knowledgebase, our latest value-added service
that allows you to quickly solve your technical queries and problems by
suggesting the best solutions to you. Click on the link below to access our
Knowledgebase now.

News and Update
If you have enquiries regarding the latest product support for Windows XP,
please go to :

Lastly, before contacting our Creative Support, please :
1)    Know your product model and serial number  and dated proof of
purchase  in advance.
2)    Write down any error messages  in detail that you feel are  important
to solving your problem.
3)    Try all available self-help technical support resources e.g. Creative

We thank you for your interest and continuing support for Creative.

Yours Sincerely,

Customer Service
Creative Labs, Asia

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