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Re: gthumb + gnome 2.6 = problem?

Le Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 09:03:34PM +0200, Remco van de Meent a écrit :
>As has been noted by someone in #240804 (*), it seems that the current 
>gThumb package in unstable, does not work with GNOME 2.6 from experimental.
>I don't have a GNOME 2.6 installation available, so I would be grateful 
>if somebody could verify this bug report, and if possible comment on it. 
>Is this a problem with gThumb or with, say, libgnomeui ?

Works perfectly fine for me, on x86 and ppc machines, both up-to-date.
Lucas Moulin <lucas at brebis dot org>
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