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Re: autohidden gnome panel oddness in the experimental gnome 2.6

I don't get quite the same behavior as your describe, but I have noticed
that the panel hiding feature does not work very well with non-expanding

When I move the panel around a little, and then try to re-dock it in the
lower left corner of the screen, the edge snapping feature sometimes
gets "stuck," causing the panel to bounce very rapidly between two
positions. The first position is where the panel is snapped to the left
edge of the screen, but not the bottom, and the second position is where
the panel is snapped to the bottom edge, but not the left. This tends to
happen when I try to let the panel snap to the corner, instead of
snapping it to an edge and then sliding to the corner.

Most annoying. Not only does it drive the system load to 4 or 5 in a big
hurry, but it's a pain in the ass to catch the little bugger while it's
bouncing around.


On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 04:27:19PM +0200, Marek Habersack wrote:
> Hey all,
>   I have a left, autohidden, non-expanding panel attached to the lower
>   left corner of the screen which I use to put launcher icons and the
>   main menu on. The only other panel I have is a bottom one, also
>   non-expanding and placed along the center of the bottom edge (it
>   occupies around 80% of the edge width). With 2.4 it's been working
>   (almost) correctly (the almost is that it sometimes failed to hide
>   itself and I had to slide the mouse cursor over it in order for it
>   to hide) but with 2.6 there appeared one additional problem which
>   makes it quite annoying to use. Namely, I have Super-{1-4} assigned
>   to virtual desktop switching which combination of keys I use quite a
>   lot. Alas, the panel described above unhides itself every time I
>   switch the desktops that way and I have to mouse over it to get rid
>   of it. I haven't had that problem with the gnome 2.6 compiled from
>   the garnome dist, so I suppose it might be some problem with the
>   Debian version of the panel. I have wiped the gnome config clean and
>   started the desktop afresh, but that didn't change a thing, so it's
>   probably not a matter of settings.
>   Could anyone, please, set their desktop in the way described above
>   and see whether they observe the same behavior?
> tia,
> marek

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