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Permissions Issue ?

Hello All,

Couple of days ago i installed gnome 2.6 from experimental and everything
seems to be fine except little "write protected" emblem on "Computer", my
home directory and Trash can. 

When i go to properties of Computer it tells me that permissions are 444
and it belongs to root/root, so i can understand why i got "write
protected" emblem on that.

Now, if i do the same on my Home directory icon the permissions are 755
and it belong to my user/my group, however at the bottom it still says:
"You are not the owner, so you can't change these permissions"

~/.Trash permissions are 700 and it belongs to my user/my group.

I've asked in #debian on irc and no one seems to have this issue, but i
have it on both, my home computer and work computer... What gives ?


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