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Re: gnome2.6 and gedit

aurelien naldi <aurelien@resus.univ-mrs.fr> writes:

> hi,
> I'm currently running gnome2.6 under debian using packages from
> experimental, everything works fine except gedit: it doesn't seems to be
> any package for gedit 2.6 and gedit 2.4 crashes at startup with the
> following message: 
> "relocation error: gedit: undefined symbol: eel_input_event_box_new"
> is any new package coming soon ?

The package is waiting in NEW for ftpmaster approval.
You can also grab it here : http://people.debian.org/~joss/packages/

> relocation error: sol: undefined symbol: games_gconf_sanity_check_string

Weird, this one works fine here ... I'll try to have a look on this.


Sebastien Bacher

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