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Re: nautilus2.6 + nfs +fam

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 08:30, q@nupi.com wrote:
> nautilus-fam saga goes on
> just to let you know, its much better now, but still there are ways to
> get a fam lock on files on network mounts. since i have not cdrom drive
> i could not test if its the same for cdroms.
> fam lock todo:
> from /etc/fstab
> server:/share /mnt/server/share nfs  defaults,soft,intr,noauto,user

"soft" nfs locks are very very very dangerous... i hope you know what
you are doing. They work well for MacOS X though, not for Linux.

> this will appear in computer://
> opening it from there share will be mounted and all is fine. 
> to get the lock you habe to right click on one of the files/folders in
> the share and open the properies dialog. now i have to restart famd as
> root to be able to unmount the nfs share
> q

Out of curiosity, before you killed famd, did you try killing nautilus?
"pkill nautilus" or something of that sort.

Also, did you change your fam config file to NOT lock NFS (also the
init.d config opts, which should be coming from /etc/default/fam but
they are not and you have to change the init.d script. see man famd and
look for "-l")

man famd
       -l     Disable polling of files on remote NFS servers.

That might not answer your problem, but it's a start ;-) I still get
locks on NFS dirs every now and then. When I do:

sudo lsof | grep fam

I find famd holding up those directories even after killing nautilus...
perhaps it's time to move on from FAM to an alternative (if there are
any) or just patching FAM to not poll remote or removable filesystems
like nfs, smbfs, iso9660, or whatever else...

Luis M 
System Administrator/Web Developer 

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