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Re: pbuilder on experimental

Ondřej Surý wrote:

I am trying to use pbuilder on experimental distribution and I got
stuck.  Pbuilder is still trying to use packages from unstable, so some
packages (gnome-keyring) are uninstalable.

What I have noticed is that when creating a pbuilder image, it copies your current apt configuration into the image. I noticed this after about an good bit of fiddling with various other pbuilder settings (hook scripts, --aptconfdir, etc). I created a somewhat liberal /etc/apt/preferences file that gave experimental priority and ran 'pbuilder create' which built a functioning experimental pbuilder. The only problem is that it pulls in ALL of experimental which is probably not a good idea.

I'm in 'doze right now and can't remember the priority I gave experimental but I think it was 501.

Word of warning: pin apt to its unstable version. The version in experimental is based on apt-secure and I got errors from it while trying to update the pbuilder image. It tried to authenticate and because I hadn't ran apt-key inside the image it errored and pbuilder picked up on that and exited. You could probably run apt-key inside it or something but I haven't investigated it yet, finding that pinning apt to unstable was easier.

I used the above process to build a deb of gnome-netstatus-applet with no problem but have yet to try it on anything more complicated (I need to try it with glade)


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