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Re: Gnome PDF viewer

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 00:50, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> "mangles" isn't a good enough description -> are they totally unreadable, or
> are the fonts chosen incorrectly, or...? It could be many things. :-)

I have a document, which looks fine in xpdf and gv, which is 13 pages
long. in gpdf all 13 pages are blank..and any existing diagrams in that
document also fail to properly display. What i mean by properly display
is that the lines which make up say the boxes of a flow chart are spread
around the page in 'random' places.

> gpdf doesn't do embedded fonts yet, so that may be what you're seeing. More
> details please! Oh, and you should send bug reports upstream. :-)

Yes yes...not a bug report, i was just soliciting other experiences, as
i tend to view many of the same types of documents (ie offical NASA
produce) where as others may have more varied pdf sources that they
generally read. 


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