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Change priority of Microsoft fonts in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf

I opened bug #230055, which got marked as wontfix.

I asked to change the relative priority of Bitstream and Microsoft font 
aliases in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf, so that if both are installed 
Bitstream will be used.  Maintainer's reply was: 

"I won't change that unless you convince upstream (or enough people on
e.g. debian-gtk-gnome) to do so. Upstream seems to consider that if you
installed non-free Microsoft fonts, you want them to be used."

I have case evidence of one person who has to install Microsoft fonts, 
but doesn't want them use:

Prior to OO 1.1, you managed OO fonts with oopadmin.  I would just 
register Microsoft fonts with oopadmin and *not* install msttcorefonts.
Now, you have to register them the regular GTK/defoma way.  It is 
necessary to use Microsoft fonts in OpenOffice documents for 
compatibility, but I *don't* want them used anywhere else.

I will just patch my own system to alter the priority, but does this at 
least rate a "priority=low" debconf question?

Anyway probably other people than me are going to be hit by this going 

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