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Thanks for writing, and thanks for your interest in Red Hat's
products. You've received this automated reply because the volume of mail
sent to us at docs@redhat.com often prevents us from responding to each
message individually.

The docs@redhat.com address should be used *solely* for issues related to
documentation produced by Red Hat, Inc. (such as the Official Red Hat Linux
Installation Guide).

In other words, questions such as "How do I configure my X server?" are
not appropriate for docs@redhat.com, but are better suited for our
installation support team (see below). However, statements such as
"I found the section on configuring X confusing" *are* appropriate for
docs@redhat.com and will be eagerly read by the Documentation Group.

Also, if you're interested in providing feedback regarding our website,
questions regarding the status of an order, or any other question not
directly related to documentation, please see the following web page for
the appropriate email address:


When sending us feedback, please make sure you include the document's
revision identifier. The identifier looks similar to:

                   Inst(EN)-7.2-Print-RHI (08/2001)

and can be found on the copyright page (for paper-based documentation),
or on the title/legal page (for HTML versions).

If you've purchased an Official Red Hat product, you may be eligible for
installation support. How can you tell if you've got an Official Red Hat
product?  All Official Red Hat products will have our contact information
(such as our 888-REDHAT-1 telephone number) on the box.

To obtain support, you will need to register the product and open a service
request. You can register via the web here:


Note that you will need the product's "Personal Product ID" during the
registration process.

If you've already registered, you can log into the support system and open
a service request here:


If you have trouble registering, please send email to register@redhat.com
for assistance.

Please note that Red Hat can provide installation support only to those
customers who have purchased an Official Red Hat product.  If you've
obtained Red Hat software from another publisher, you must contact them for
support. Other such publishers include:

        * Macmillan/Sams;

        * CheapBytes;

        * Pacific Hi-Tech (PHT);
        * Infomagic;

        * Linux Systems Labs (LSL);

        * ADRAS Computing.

Also, Red Hat software obtained via any of the following methods does
not qualify for installation support:

        * The Red Hat Linux Core;

        * Downloaded via FTP;

        * Linux PowerTools;

        * Copied or installed from another user's CD.

Regardless of your questions -- whether technical or general -- you may
find that an answer already exists in one of Red Hat's many mailing
lists. Many questions posted to these lists are answered by knowledgeable
Linux users, or even by Red Hat's support staff. You can find pointers to
the lists, as well as archived posts, at http://archive.redhat.com.

Thanks again for your interest in Red Hat Linux.

Best wishes,

The Red Hat Documentation Team

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